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Act now in SURVEYS and RESEARCH, your experiences are of value!

News and History

March 2010 - SA met with Department of Works of Pensions - Re: Benefit Discrimination

Specialist of Sarcoidosis and SA met with Department of Works and Pensions, and Atos detailing discrimination measures regarding Sarcoidosis sufferers due to failed knowledge and manifestations of the disease and its disabilities that are not being recognised within claims. Successful outcome!

April 2010 - Won Life Savers Award Sarcoidosis 

Organisation was awarded the Life savers award for Sarcoidosis for supplying the most accurate and most supportive information online. 

February 2011- Reorganised Business structure. Renamed organisation Sarcoidosis Association

January 2012 - Approached by Department of Health 

After all our efforts connecting to all the clinical sites and addressing the inaccurate information and poor knowledge being used by clinicians we were contacted after they had found value in the information and seen the errors being made. Still in Progress!

3rd November 2013- VOICES NEWS ARTICLE- A Silent but Deadly disease 

Sarcoidosis Association were approached by a voices member of staff to write an article on the truth about the disease, after their aunt died of the illness. This has recently had a major impact on awareness.

September 2013-Education Beats Medication Against All Odds Total Wellness Series~ Dani Walker Author 

My Good Friend from the US has finally finished her book on the up and downs of her family and her husband Jack who suffers from Sarcoidosis. He is now in remission after using the TEA therapy Try Everything and Anything theory. We all know that one. Its a great book and very funny to read. It has some great information and has lots of ways and methods of how Jack finally came off the dreaded steriods and other medication, lost his weight and now has his quality of life back. It shows it can be done.  Thank you so much Dani and Jack for sharing. 

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