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Act now in SURVEYS and RESEARCH, your experiences are of value!

The Sarcoidosis Association has been created by sufferers and their Carers who have knowledge and experience of how you feel and what you go through on a daily basis.

If you are suspected of having or have just been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis you are probably feeling scared, worried, confused, lost and frustrated, all the things we feel when we first discover the disease.

We aim to provide you with as much information on the subject, guidance and support forums to help you gain the knowledge that we have all struggled to gain since our diagnosis.  We are also starting local support groups in UK towns with the help of our volunteers. 

So now you can discuss your experiences with others, enabling you to chat and learn from them for peace of mind and help you manage on a daily basis.

We are fully aware of the frustrations that you are going through with others attitudes including whilst dealing with health professionals.

Sarcoidosis Association Really Care (S.A.R.C.)

The organisation offers support meet ups, allowing sufferers to come together in a relaxed environment to discuss the frustrations and problematic areas that we all face, along with providing the much-needed emotional support.

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